Why vacuuming?

Simply because it's the easiest and the quickest way to remove dirt from your rug.

- Try to vacuum both sides of the rug for optimal cleaning.
- If possible, use a suction attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

Shaking out dirt

This is old school, all you need for it is a broom, tennis racket or any solid object you have around your home with handle, put your rug on a stand, and just bang on to it until the all the dust comes out.

Removing stains

Stains can be frustrating, but don't stress out, follow these easy tips to remove it.
1) Start by vacuuming the rug.
2) Get a cold water bucket.
3) Add a some gentle detergent.
4) Get a sponge and start wiping the stained spot.
5) Hang your rug in a sunlit area, and let it air dry.