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Bakr Carpets | Ships from Morocco

Zwina a gorgeous Beni Mguild

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Zwina is a deep Ruby Beni Mguild. Her style is unique and she is in very good condition.

Size: 3.28 x 2.03m

Beni Mguild Rugs

Known for their deep shades of indigo to create deep shades of blue and purple. Berbers use traditional dyes that are sourced from local vegetation or minerals, and some like Tyrian purple and rich reds from cochineal, from shells.

Beni Mguild are recognised for the colours not so much the symbols. The Red symbolizes stren

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Our story

Bakr is a third generation rug collector. He has been taught everything he knows by his father, and grandfather. The love affair with rugs is in his blood, and knows the best from the best. Over the years his collection of exquisite Moroccan Vintage Rugs has grown, and now sharing them world wide.

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